With the rapid pace at which technology evolves, it has become imperative to keep updating our skills at using the latest technology to make life easier. From using your smartphone for slitlamp or fundus photography to preparing slick powerpoint presentations & surgical videos, to understanding which EMR may be best for your needs, these TSTC courses will cover it all in small 1 hour one to one sessions.

Top ophthalmic faculty from India & abroad besides computer professionals, experts in their field will supervise the courses.

Unique program capsules, specially designed for all of us, to learn, brush up and be conversant with the latest. TSTC experience will be coupled with theoretical and practical sessions to give you the clean edge over technological tactics.

List of Topics under TSTC
  •   Smartphone Slit lamp Photography
  •   Smartphone Fundus Videography 
  •   Smart Apps for Smartphones
  •   Surgical Video Recording, Archiving & Editing in MAC/ Windows
  •   Practice Management Softwares (EMR) 
  •   OT designing & Protocols
  •   NABH Accreditation


The Aim of Wet Lab is to familiarize the delegate on various Diagnostics in Ophthalmology .

Various topics planned for Wet Lab include :
  •   Visual Field Analyser
  •   Slit Lamp Exam incl. 90D
  •   Gonioscopy
  •   Applanation Tonometer &  N.C.T
  •   Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  •   Green Lasers Firing On Retieye Balls
  •   OCT
  •    Fundus Camera + Angioscopy
  •   USG (A & B ) Scan
  •   I.O.L. Master Power Calculation
  •   3 D OCULAR SHOW  on  Silver Screen.

Efforts will be made to prepare Leaflets For All The Above Procedures For Distribution.


Aim of SSTC is to One to One teaching of delegates in Various aspects of Surgical Procedures in Ophthalmology After its grand success in Delhi & Kolkata AIOCs -- Scientific Committee aims to make SSTC bigger and better in AIOC Jaipur. Teaching is done in an environment created as close to an OR as possible.

A small presentation before the training enables the delegates to understand the subject before the actual hands- on session.

Handouts and soft copies of educational material are distributed for future reference.

All trainees given a completion certificate, signed by the respective instructor.

Following are the topics which we plan to include in the upcoming SSTC :
  •   Basic phaco
  •   Advanced phaco
  •   Intravitreal injections
  •   Anterior vitrectomy
  •   Collagen Cross linking   
  •   Microkeratomes
  •   DSEK  
  •   Trabeculectomy
  •   Boston keratoprosthesis 
  •   Smart Plugs
  •   Phakic IOLS ....  and many more.
  •   Aesthetics for Opthalmologists
  •   Artificial eye/ prosthesis fitting.
  •   Core vitrectomy and Buckling