President’s Desk

Dear Members,


It is almost 65 days, since, I took over as the 75th President of AIOS at Jaipur in February 2017. Time flies, is really true! I would first of all like to thank all the AIOS members for making the Jaipur conference a great success, both science and entertainment wise. We must all thank wholeheartedly the Rajasthan Ophthalmic Society (ROS) for organizing it so well, in spite of short notice. Three cheers to ROS. The scientific activities of AIOS are of very high standards. There is no doubt about the contributions of the esteemed members of AIOS, in making this possible.


The venue where the AIOS is being conducted has to be of international standards. We, the governing council members, have been mulling at the idea of holding the AIOS only in places where there is a convention centre. I did mention about this in my presidential speech as well. Our constitution also insists on this aspect.

I am glad to say that GC has, in principle, accepted the idea of holding the AIOS meet in proper convention centers only. We have identified some 8 centers all over India, like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Cochin, New Delhi and Kolkata. All these places have a convention centre/hotels with proper transport facilities and air connection. As and when new centres are built, we can include them as well. How the surplus is distributed from the conference is also being worked out and all the affiliated state societies will get a share of the surplus generated. So, no matter, where in India the conference is held, all the affiliated state societies will get a share of the surplus. This can be utilized by the state societies for CMEs.

We had a meeting of all the old and new GC members at headquarters in March 2017 and the new GC members also visited Coimbatore and had a fruitful meeting with the local organizing committee as well. We were satisfied with the venue and the arrangements being made. We are paying a huge amount of money for the electricity bills and governing council in principle have agreed to install solar panels in the headquarters to reduce the electricity expenses at HQ.

We are also looking at how to utilize the rooms at HQ available at a very reasonable cost. We are thinking of subletting these to IMA and also party hall on the 4th floor to the private functions, preferably to IMA or our doctors again at a nominal cost. Our headquarters team is working to sort out these issues.

I have formulated the presidential committees and all the people have been informed. We shall have a meeting of the heads of the various committees in headquarters on 14th May. The newsletter will carry the names of the committee members.

Rest assured that the GC members are working full steam and I am confident that they will take AIOS to new heights.

Yours in AIOS,

Dr. K.S. Santhan Gopal
President, AIOS 2017-18.