These are activities during this glaucoma week.on 12th there was an awareness rally.on 15th a cme on glaucoma nd on 17th a glaucoma screening camp in a geriatric home in MKCG medical college Berhampur odisha. Dr suchitra Dash.



Glaucoma awareness program in a small way in my clinic.
Educated and distributed leaflets also
Dr.Ashok Kumar.M


An Innovative Glaucoma Titled-Based Cricket Match For Screening And Promoting Awareness On Glaucoma

A novel green cricket match was conducted to create glaucoma awareness among public at Trichy, during World Glaucoma Week 2023, with players involving ophthalmologists (Mahathma Eye Hospital Private Limited, Tamil Nadu, India). Goal of the match was to simultaneously educate and screen the public attending, with non-contact tonometry, fundus photography and portable perimetry; and refer suspicious patients to base hospital. Protocol of the match was designed with glaucomatous nomenclatures, such as ‘Ocular Hypertensive Man of the Match, Compliant Economic Bowler, Visual Fielder & Applanative Tonometric Batsman’ to educate the public. A questionnaire-based survey was also conducted, to assess impact of the campaign in creating awareness. 1,021 people visited the match and 253 people were screened, out of which 24 were found to be suspects and were referred to hospital. 10 were finally confirmed to have glaucoma. Innovative approaches through cricket in India, where people have high affinity for IPL, will increase the awareness about glaucoma.