This AIOS Adverse Events Committee has been created to receive reports, analyze, investigate, alert, sensitize and suggest preventive or remedial measures for adverse events arising out of use of ophthalmic drugs, devices, implants etc, including Endophthalmitis and TASS.

Upon submission of reports of adverse events by AIOS Members, the committee performs a detailed root cause analysis, visits the location of adverse events if needed, collates similar information nationwide followed by appropriate alleviation measures.

Please report adverse events in confidence at the link below:

AlOS Adverse Events Committee:

1 Dr Uday R. Gajiwala Chairman 9426125947
2 Dr D Chandrasekhar Co-Chairman 8903622727
3 Prof. Dr Arvind Kumar Morya  Convenor 8003996598
4 Dr Asim Kumar Sil  Member Secretary 9800894087 
5 Dr M.S.Ravindra Member 9844043353 
6 Dr Gaurav Luthra  Member 9412059188 
7 Dr Raju Sampangi  Member 9880448422
8 Dr Samina Zamindar Member 9341260285
9 Dr Tejas Dhirubhai Shah Member 9924118464
10 Dr Lalitha Prajna Member 9487830606
11 Dr Purvi Bhagat  Member 9825985265
12 Dr Ramesh Dorairajan Member 8939772120
13 Dr Deepak Megur  Member 9448457242
14 Dr Somdutt Prasad  Member 7044067754
15 Dr Nirmal Fredrick Advisor  98407 46062
16 Dr Chetna Desai Advisor 9904011644
17 Dr Akilan Arunkumar Phd Advisor 9345101591
18 Dr J Kaliamurthy  Advisor 9894540875
19 Dr Asima Banu Advisor 9845720258