President Address


Dr. Harbansh Lal, takes over as President, AIOS on 11th May 2023 during 81st AIOS Annual Conference, Kochi

Dr. Harbansh Lal
President, AIOS 2023-2024

President, All India Ophthalmological Society
3/24 Old Rajinder Nagar, Shankar Road, Opposite Post Office, New Delhi 110060 




At the outset, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to the members of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) for bestowing upon me this honor of leading your society as its President I am truly humbled. I feel greatly honored to be standing here and welcoming you all to “God’s own Country,” Kochi. It’s my proud privilege to be addressing such an august gathering.

All India Ophthalmological Society today is the most vibrant society in the Country, because of the active participation of all of you. The pride of our society is the fully functional state-of-the-art multistorey Headquarter at Delhi. Our dream was converted into reality because of the contribution and support from each one of you.

I would be failing in my duties if I do not salute my elected predecessors for laying the norms and rules regarding financial distribution and scientific selection for the smooth functioning of the Society.

I would also like to thank Dr. Lalit Verma for the lovely introduction. We are friends forever. We are absolutely contrasting personalities. He is fully organized, plans everything to the minutest of details and much in advance, but I am not, but still, we have never had a fight or disagreement. Any differences were sorted out smoothly. How was that possible?



Love, affection, understanding, friendship will follow if you respect the other person in any relationship in your life.

I would also like to thank the Local Organizing Committee of AIOC 2023 led by Dr. Sasikumar S, Dr. Saikumar S. J., Dr. Radha Ramanan B, Dr.  Gopal S Pillai and Dr. Sreeni Edakhlon for making wonderful arrangements which will make AIOC 2023 a memorable event for all of us.

I have very ambitious plans for the development of Ophthalmology & Ophthalmologists. Let me enumerate some of them
There is a large variation in post graduate teaching and training across institutions. AIOS should find out and reward the best faculty in the country and use their talent to train the rest. PG Teaching lectures will be kept throughout the year twice a week (avoiding major conferences) and after the feedback from the students, teachers will be selected for Teachers Training Program.

A two-day dedicated conference would be organized for teachers to discuss and learn about teaching skills.


The volume and quality of work being done in India is excellent. However, we need good coordination for multicentric trials in order to have the final impact in the world of ophthalmology. AIOS should grant funds and give support to individuals and institutions for research and publication to enhance our global image.

Most doctors have an extremely poor understanding of finances. Those who understand finances grow many times more than the others. There should be a highly qualified, retainer / permanent employee of the AIOS to help, advise and guide it’s members, regarding financial management and investments.

Doctors also need to learn management skills in today’s environment to manage their practice. How we manage our centre is equally important, if not more, than how we treat our patients. The patients and relatives interact more with the staff than with the doctor. It is particularly important for them to have a wonderful experience. Maintaining inventory, receiving payments from TPA, CGHS, and many other organizations, recordkeeping, cleanliness and hygiene, equipment maintenance, marketing; all this needs a sound knowledge of management and human resource development. Human resource is one of the most important component of any successful business. How to employ, train and retain staff needs, special skills and aptitude. The learning curve for this can be shortened by proper training. There should be regular online classes and annual physical conferences for the same.

We all know that the optimal utilization of equipment and space can be achieved by Group Practice alone. There are many successful models running in India, but most of us do not understand how to go about it. There are many questions and doubts in our minds. How to find the right partner? Who is going to invest the money? How to distribute the patients, working hours, money etc.?. One may be a senior surgeon, the other one may be a junior. In case two partners don't get along well later, an exit policy should be in place even before they start. There is a need for experts to make proper legal documents to avoid any future conflicts. AIOS should have a panel to advise ophthalmologists of all ages, expert staff to prepare legal documents and counsellors for conflict resolution.

Indian Ophthalmology has a plethora of brilliant and innovative minds, and the ability to invent new techniques and devices. But complex innovations need support from professionals from other fields such as engineering, chemistry and biomedical engineering. AIOS should identify and have an understanding with these professionals to provide support to our young innovators. AIOS should take up the responsibility of patenting the innovations globally.

We need to use the talent and intellect of the GREAT MINDS IN INDIA. We need to set up a nominated Advisory Board comprising of eminent researchers, publishers, authors, practitioners, teachers, surgeons and administrators. These members should do brainstorming  for 2 -3 days to guide and advise the AIOS Governing Council. The logistics of such a meeting should be looked after by the All India Ophthalmological society. The Governing Council should take inputs not only from Advisory Board but all other members of AIOS, and set a road map for its achievement as quickly as possible.

We will have a dynamic e-book for all the subjects on our website.

Suppose I have written a chapter, Anybody who wants to add or does not agree can write his/her comments below that. Upto ten comments will be accepted. It will be the responsibility of dynamic e-editorial board to look into it. Lead author can edit his chapter anytime & can also incorporate the suggestions of the other ophthalmologists with acknowledgement. E-Editorial board can edit or modify the original text from the lead author if he is not able to do it in stipulated time frame. We will formulate the Guidelines for the same & will welcome suggestions and write ups from all of you.

All the National & International Companies will be able to display their products on this platform. They need to declare & display there CMC/AMC/ per visit charges for the equipment.

On searching for any instrument, all the companies selling their product will be displayed along with price, company phone number and email Id. AIOS does not take any responsibility but if there is any dispute, we will definitely intervene to resolve it.

This will give our manufacturers not only National but international market and ophthalmologist the opportunity to replace and replenish their stock round the year.

Functioning of the AIOS has improved tremendously after building HQ. Every state society   should have its HQ with permanent staff for maintenance of records, continuity and smooth transition from one office bearer to another, to take the society on the path of continuous improvement and progress.

In case any state society willing to buy its HQ, AIOS will financially support it upto the 25% of the cost of the property but not exceeding Rs. 50 lacs. Any society having its HQ already or is having enough funds will not be entitled for the same. All those who take financial support will have to prefix AIOS eg AIOS-KOS Headquarters.

This committee will have Lawyer and Clinical Psychologist on the panel besides women ophthalmologist. It will give psychological support to the women in ophthalmology and if they face any harassment at home or workplace AIOS will fight for them legally.

There are many young female ophthalmologists who are not able to attend AIOC because nobody is there to take care of babies and by time the kids are grown they feel totally out of Touch. To encourage them we will start complementary “Nanny Registration”. Their stay food and transport to the venue site will be taken care of by organizing committee.

I would like to express my love and gratitude to my wife Jyostna, my loving and caring daughter Ikeda and her husband Salil with whom I can discuss anything under the sun and my fun time my lovely granddaughter Moira.

I am also indebted to lots of Friends, Colleagues and Trade partners for their valuable support.

I would also like to thank my friends in AIOS: Dr. Barun Nayak, Dr. Lalit Verma, Dr. Samar K. Basak, Dr. Namrata Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Sinha, Dr. Partha Biswas, Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy, Dr. Santosh Honavar, Dr. Arup Chakrabarti for their tremendous contribution and look forward to the new team to support our vision.

I also acknowledge contributions of Mr. Kripal & the entire AIOS staff for their unstinted support.
I wish AIOC 2023 Conference a grand success and I am sure with the kind of hard work put in by our Local Organizing Committee, power packed content by Scientific Committee, state of art show by our Trade Partners & efforts of all wings of AIOS, at this world class venue, AIOC 2023 will be a truly memorable event.

I know I have put in an ambitious plan for next year. But I am confident, that together we can achieve all of this.

In the end I bow my head to my parents {(Late) Sri. Kunwar Bhan, (Late) Smt. Ishwari Devi)} who brought me to this earth, my teachers, who shaped me & almighty who guided me in my wonderful journey.

Long Live AIOS
Jai Hind