Family Benefit Society of the Members of All India Ophthalmological Society (FBS-AIOS) Registered under Societies Act 35 of 201 S.NO. 608 of 2006.

FThe aim of Family Benefit Scheme (FBS) is to provide care and support to the family after demise of the member of this scheme. Life is known for its uncertainties, and unfortunate events and accidents mostly come unannounced. These events may have an irreversible impact on your life and leave your loved ones bereaved. Moreover, When a person passes away during his earning years, his family suffers badly due to economic setback caused by the loss of his steady income. To lessen the financial burden on your loved ones in your absence, and to reduces the misfortunes caused by sudden demise of the leader of the family, a dependable term insurance policy is highly recommended. FBS AIOS is a scheme wherein a handsome amount of benefit is provided to the family in return to a small deposit that the member does during his life time every year. It is a form of term insurance with a small amount of premium which is much lesser than any other term insurance policy. Moreover it is a society of members of the same fraternity and hence they have a sense of belonging towards the family members of the deceased member. Join FBS as this scheme is of the members of AIOS, has been formulated by the members, for the benefit of the members of AIOS.

Presently we have a Membership of   members.

We value our members and secure the future of their family 

22 crores have been given to 120 families for the last 15 years

The benefit to the family increases as the membership grows.

Presently the assured amount is 23 Lakhs to the member's nominee.

Present admission criteria are as follows.

Age in years Admission Fee
Under 30 Years 5000.00
30 - Under 35 Years 7000.00
35 - Under 40 Years 20000.00
40 - Under 45 Years 30000.00
45 - Under 50 Years 40000.00

FBS AIOS Managing Committee

Chairman             Dr.C.Sriramamurthy        
Vice Chairman    Dr.Quresh B.Maskati                   
Hon. Secretary    Dr.Rajesh Sinha                   
Treasurer            Dr.Ranjit H. Maniar               
Joint-Secretary   Dr.Salil Kumar
Joint-Treasurer   Dr.Rajib Mukherjee 

Regional Representatives Ex-Officio Members

Dr.Rakesh Mahajan                    North
Dr.R B Goyal                               Central 
Dr.Kedar Srikanth Nemivant      West
Dr.S.S.Sukumar                            South
Dr.Praveen Subudhi                     East

AIOS office bearers

Dr.Santan Gopal
Dr.Namrata Sharma
Dr.Rajesh Sinha

Chairman Emeritus- Dr. Rajvardhan Azad