Family Benefit Society of the Members of All India Ophthalmological Society (FBS-AIOS) Registered under Societies Act 35 of 201 S.NO. 608 of 2006.

Fbs aios Main Theme is, when ever a collegue of ours die, we go to his house, to console his family members taking fruits/sweets worth of Rs 600/. In Fbsaios we collect Rs 600/ as fc for each death, from members, pool the money and give it to His family after His death. Help your collegues Family,collegues will help your Family by giving Fc of Rs 600/.

At Present FbsAios Active Membership is 3480 13. crores given to 89 families Since 2004.

  • At present benefit to the family is Rs 22 laks.
  • One time admission fee at the time of joining as per the age given below table.
  • After that Rs 600 as Fc contribution for each death of the member.
  • No death no payment. No yearly payment unlike other insurance schemes.

Present Admission criteria are as follows :

Age in Years Admission fee Rs.
Up to 30 years not completing 30 5,000.00
31 to 35years not completing 35 7,000.00
36 to 40 years not completing 40 9,000.00
41 to 45 years not completing 45 15,000.00
46 to 50 years not completing 50 20,000.00
  • No Scheme in the world give such a benefit with such a low investment and high benefit to the family.
  • Join  FBS-AIOS  nowbefore admission rates increase.
  • Application forms and details are available in the website
  • Members log in to check your dues, ledger page & other details.
  • Username - Your fbsaios no. Password - Click on forgot password. It will come to your mobile.

FBS AIOS Managing Committee

Chairman             Dr.C.Sriramamurthy        
Vice Chairman    Dr.Quresh B.Maskati                   
Hon. Secretary    Dr.Rajesh Sinha                   
Treasurer            Dr.Ranjit H. Maniar               
Joint-Secretary   Dr.Salil Kumar
Joint-Treasurer   Dr.Rajib Mukherjee 

Regional Representatives Ex-Officio Members

Dr.Rakesh Mahajan                    North
Dr.R B Goyal                               Central 
Dr.Kedar Srikanth Nemivant      West
Dr.S.S.Sukumar                            South
Dr.Praveen Subudhi                     East

AIOS office bearers

Dr.Santan Gopal
Dr.Namrata Sharma
Dr.Rajesh Sinha

Chairman Emeritus- Dr. Rajvardhan Azad