Treasurer’s Desk

Dear Friends,


At the outset I would like to thank the members of the All India Ophthalmological Society for reposing faith in me and electing me the Treasurer of the society. Being elected to a position of leadership by one’s peers is an honour as well as a challenge and I would love to take this in the most positive manner. It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve as the Treasurer of the parent society of the ophthalmologists of India. Throughout my tenure I would work tirelessly to take the society to the highest level.


As the Treasurer of the society, my prime objective is to strengthen the corpus of the society so that multiple activities can be done for the welfare of the members. I will aim to increase the collection of funds during the annual conference so that we can provide a good share of the surplus to each state societies of the zone and also allocate funds for various activities aimed at lifting the academic and scientific standards of the society.

Many activities will be done for the young ophthalmologists as well as the general practitioners to sharpen their clinical and surgical skill so that they can excel in patient care thereby making name and fame for themselves. Along with the General Secretary Prof Namrata Sharma, we have made some agenda which we will aim to achieve during our tenure.

We will start a lot of activities at the AIOS headquarter which is till date underutilized. Along with these, the website of the society needs to be revamped to make it more user friendly and up to date. We could figure out that the member database is quite inadequate and has incorrect information. I would take proactive initiatives and request the members also to help us in updating the information about them.  Most of the things can be done online and by upgradation of website, member activities including the conference registration etc will become very simple and user friendly.

In order to make the finances of the society absolutely transparent and streamlined, I would make sincere efforts in centralisation of finances of all the wings so that we have a common tally programme and it can be audited as and when required. A complete digitalisation and transparency is the need of the hour and we will strive towards this important goal.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that I will extend my full cooperation to the local organizing committees of each All India Ophthalmological conferences to be held at various venues. The annual conference is a joint responsibility of LOC and governing council members. We will work hand in hand with LOC in making the conference successful. However I would also expect complete transparency on the part of LOC and together we have to ensure that the members of the society who are attending the conference get the best facilities for minimal cost. I am sure that the LOC of Coimbatore will work towards this so that the attending members are satisfied.

Once again I convey my sincere gratitude to all the AIOS members and would like to assure you that I will live up to your expectations to make the AIOS Greatest.

With Best wishes

Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Sinha
Hony. Treasurer, AIOS